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Asphalt Services

We offer asphalt paving services in Washington and Oregon, with years of experience. We can pave anything from driveways to parking lots. We are speedy and professional, leaving you with a smooth surface that will service your needs for years to come.
Building Demolition

We offer safe, speedy and environmentally conscious building demolition in Washington and Oregon. clients who want to remove a structure and feel good about not adding to our landfills.

Concrete Construction

We fabricate footings, stem walls, curbs, gutters and sidewalks, using recycled materials sourced from our demolition projects wherever we can. We pride ourselves in being speedy and professional, citing our almost 70 years of experience to bring you quality, long-lasting results.

Crane Services

We can provide 55-ton rough terrain crane and 160-ton all terrain crane.

Our trained team, with NCCCO Operators and certified riggers, will operate this equipment on your work site, turning weeks worth of work into days..

Industrial Maintenance

From welding carbon and stainless steel (including R Stamp) we have the skills to fabricate precise, functional pipes appropriate to your project needs. We also can work on your lift station, helping you build or maintain a sewer system that won’t back up.

Recycled Products
for Sale

We offer recycled building materials for sale to clients looking for quality, eco-friendly supplies for their next construction project. We source and stock recycled concrete, asphalt and brick, including crushed concrete in three-quarter inch or one and one-quarter inch sizes, crushed asphalt in three-quarter inch size, as well as top soil, fill dirt and sand.

Site Preparation Services

Our services include clearing and grubbing material; coordinating site utilities including water, sewer and storm drains; earth work and excavation and foundation excavation and back fill. We can prepare for and lay concrete curbs and gutters and concrete sidewalks. We can also pave in asphalt and finish your rock grading.

Slinger Truck Services

Where We Can Sling: Garages, basements, driveways, plumbing & electrical trenches, around & behind foundations walls, residential & commercial slabs, inside buildings, septic systems, utility excavation, ponds, landscaping, over fences, between houses, through windows, steep slope erosion, & concrete flatwork preparation.What can we sling? Gravel, landscape rock, drain rock, rip rap, top soil & sand.



Started in 1947 by Ray and his wife Ruby, three generations have grown it from a small construction company building residential homes to a major contracting business, managing large-scale industry, farm and municipal projects in the state of Washington.

Though they’ve survived seven decades in a competitive field, the decision to keep the business in the family hasn’t always been an easy one.

When Ray passed away on Christmas 1978, the company had $2 million in work left on the books. Doug and Dennis, Ray’s sons, vowed to complete the projects and then decide if they wanted to continue.

Ruby and her sons struggled to convince the bank and bonding company that they were still viable but Valerie, Dennis’s wife, had the confidence they needed to carry on. In the 1980s, with the addition of industrial maintenance services and more employees, they were able to increase their volume while still staying firmly local, servicing their neighbors in Kennewick and surrounding areas.

They also suffered a blow in 2003, when Doug passed away. But the family came together once again, and continued the business in tribute to their loved ones.

It’s these kinds of values that has kept Ray Poland & Sons successful, and truly a family business. They pride themselves in bringing projects in on time, under budget, and treating their customers like family. All their advertising has been strictly word-of-mouth – referrals from satisfied customers.

And their customers are, in fact, their neighbors. Dennis jokes that if you put a quarter on the map, everyone who falls within the circle is a client of Ray Poland & Sons – or will be someday.

What Ray said decades ago still applies today: “Rome wasn’t built in a day.. but Ray Poland wasn’t the contractor.”

Contact Ray Poland & Sons and experience the difference seven decades of success can make for you.

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